Treated Fence Slats Slow Grown Scandinavian Timber – Dark Brown


Treated fence slats made from slow-grown timber typically require less maintenance than untreated wood. The treatment helps to repel water, inhibit fungal growth, and prevent insect infestation, reducing the need for frequent staining or painting.

The slatted design also adds visual interest and can complement various architectural styles. The height of a slatted fence can vary depending on the intended purpose and local regulations. Some slatted fences are relatively low, serving as decorative boundaries or dividing sections within a larger space. Others can be taller to provide increased privacy and security.



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Treated Fence Slats Slow Grown Scandinavian Timber – Dark Brown, Slow-grown timber tends to be stronger and more stable than fast-grown timber. This means the fence slats are less likely to warp, twist, or bow over time, ensuring a straight and sturdy fence. The slats of a slatted fence are usually narrow and can vary in width, depending on the desired level of privacy and aesthetic appeal. They are installed vertically, parallel to each other, and attached to horizontal support beams or rails. The gaps between the slats allow air and light to pass through while still providing some level of privacy.

  • Treated timber battens offering protection against a range of wood rotting fungi and various staining fungi.

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  • Square edge
  • Smooth finish
  • Golden Brown colour
  • Cut to size

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