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We have over 25 years of expertise in Siberian Larch timber. Due to expanding popularity in Larch across the continent, we have decided to open our branch in the UK back in 2016. Our main partner and Sawn Mill is based in Europe. Siberian Larch is famous for its longevity and high quality. Durability under any weather conditions makes wood suitable for exterior structures. It’s strong, dense and resinous. Siberian Larch does not require additional processing, which makes building construction easier and faster. So for many its practical choice as it can be left without treatment. Untreated Siberian Larch turns into silvery grey colour, desired by many architects.
We are proud to introduce Oak to our expanding range of wood. Oak timber comes as the number one material due its quality and durability. It has a premium look and it is easy to work on with machinery or by hand. Therefore Oak is water resistant and requires low maintenance. Usually Oak has an attractive light colour which can vary from tree to tree.
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Marvelous boards. Quick and cheap delivery.Thanks

Michael Corelli

Not installed yet, but looks good and arrived quickly.

Emily Clarks

Larch looks lovely, delivery was brilliant. Thank you.

Brian Smith