Slow-Grown Redwood Fence Slats Untreated 20mm


While redwood is naturally resistant to decay, it’s important to note that leaving it untreated may slightly reduce its lifespan compared to treated wood. However, with proper installation and occasional maintenance, a redwood fence can still last for many years.

Leaving the redwood untreated can be more cost-effective initially since you won’t need to purchase stains or sealants. However, you should consider the long-term costs associated with potential repairs or replacements due to weathering.



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Slow-Grown Redwood Fence Slats Untreated of slow grown high quality Scandinavian pine wood. Redwood is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects, but it will weather over time when left untreated. It will gradually turn into a silver-grey colour as it ages, adding to the rustic aesthetic. If you like this weathered look, leaving it untreated is a good choice.

The fence slats of a slatted fence are usually narrow and can vary in width, depending on the desired level of privacy and aesthetic appeal. They are installed vertically, parallel to each other, and attached to horizontal support beams or rails. The gaps between the slats allow air and light to pass through while still providing some level of privacy.

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  • Untreated Fencing elements
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  • Natural colour
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20mm x 70mm x 1.8m – £3.15, 20mm x 70mm x 5.4m – £9.45