Siberian Larch Timber Cladding – A Grade – ShipLap Hidden Fix 21 mm Thick


Siberian Larch Timber Cladding – A Grade – ShipLap Hidden Fix is often used for a range of applications, including residential homes, cabins, barns, and more. It provides a timeless and rustic appearance while also offering excellent protection against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Proper installation and maintenance are key to ensuring the longevity and beauty of this type of cladding.



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Siberian Larch Timber Cladding – A Grade – ShipLap Hidden Fix is very popular with stylish and modern cladding projects. Siberian larch timber cladding offers timeless high finish of real wood with log lasting durability. High-quality Siberian Larch cladding boards made from slow-grown premium Siberian Larch. This profile is suitable for both contemporary and traditional applications in residential and business environments.

When used as cladding – Siberian Larch is ideal for exposed areas where there is likely to be physical damage like: commercial retail properties, leisure venues, sports venues, wedding venues or any other similar outdoors area. Therefore Siberian Larch is cost effective, gives a contemporary high finish and is a popular choice amongst various range projects. We offer a wide range Siberian Larch cladding profile including most popular: TGV, Shadow Gap, RainScreen, HalfLap, ShipLap, Board on Board, Board and Batten profiles.

Siberian larch cladding benefits are an impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance, high manufacturing standards, and an aesthetically beautiful timber.

● Colour: Straw (creamy) yellow to light brown, weathering to a beautiful
silvery-grey without treatment
● Grain: Very straight, dense and fine with tight growth rings
● Texture: Smooth
● Scratch resistance
● Rot, insect and moisture resistance
● Low Maintenance

  • Ideal for external cladding applications
  • Price excluding VAT ( VAT added on checkout )
  • £49.60 square meter plus VAT
  • Cladding sections can be fitted horizontal and vertical
  • Delivery 5-10 working days

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21 mm x 145 mm x 3000 mm – £21.58, 21 mm x 145 mm x 4000 mm – £28.77, 21 mm x 145 mm x 5100 mm – £36.68, 21 mm x 145 mm x 6000 mm – £43.15