Siberian Larch Charred Timber Cladding ShipLap 20mm Natural


Charred timber, also known as ”Yakisugi” in Japan, is a technique of charring the surface of wood to increase its durability and resistance to insects and rot. This process involves burning the wood, which creates a charcoal-like layer on its surface. Charred timber has a unique and visually striking appearance, with a charred, blackened surface that can be left as-is or treated further for texture and colour.



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Siberian larch charred timber cladding shiplap refers to a specific type of exterior building material used for cladding or covering the exterior of a structure.

Charred Cladding boards made from slow-grow Siberian Larch timber.

    • Price excluding VAT – VAT added on checkout
    • Price per 1 square meter – £75.60
    • Burnt Brush Oiled – Ready for installation
    • Cladding sections can be fitted Vertical and Horizontal
    • Ideal for external cladding applications
    • Delivery 5 – 7 working days

    Characteristics and exclusiveness of burnt larch wood:
    – Exceptional aesthetic appearance;
    – Increased resistance to rot;
    – Absence of pests and other insects;
    – fire resistance;
    Long service life and minimal maintenance.

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