Oak Cladding Boards – Shadow Gap – 22mm x 145mm Smooth finish



Oak cladding can be applied in various styles and profiles, such as horizontal or vertical planks, shingles, or overlapping boards. The choice of style depends on the desired aesthetic, architectural design, and functional requirements. The cladding can be left untreated to weather naturally and develop a greyish patina over time, or it can be treated with protective finishes, oils, or stains to maintain its original colour and enhance its longevity.

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Oak Cladding Boards – Shadow Gap has been as premium construction material for centuries because of its versatility, durability and beauty.
Therefore Oak is water resistant and requires low maintenance which makes it perfect material for exterior works. Our European Oak grows tall and straight because of its climate, so it is suitable for long lengths used in extensions, garden offices, solid fences, decking, garages, porches and bespoke buildings.

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Oak specifications
● Colour: Attractive natural yellow (light yellow or sometimes nearly white)
● Grain: Very straight, dense and made to be tough
● Texture: Smooth
● Scratch resistance
● Extremely rot and insect resistance
● Low Maintenance
● Great workability – finishes very well, easy to work on
● Lifespan – up to 40 years (untreated)
● Density in range from 750 kg/m3 to 850kg/m3

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  • Ideal for external cladding applications
  • Price per 1 square meter – £73.21 plus VAT
  • Price excluding VAT ( VAT added on checkout )
  • Cladding sections can be fitted vertical

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22mm x 145mm x 2.0m – £21.24, 22mm x 145mm x 2.4m – £25.48, 22mm x 145mm x 2.70m – £28.66, 22mm x 145mm x 2.90m – £30.79