Treated Oak Timber Hardwood Decking Boards 22mm


Overall, treated oak decking boards can provide a beautiful and long-lasting outdoor space. The specific treatment and maintenance routine will depend on your preferences, local conditions, and the product recommendations from the manufacturer.

Staining or Oil-Based Finish: Many people prefer the natural appearance of oak and may choose to apply a stain or an oil-based finish to enhance the wood’s color and protect it from UV damage. These finishes can also help repel water and make maintenance easier.



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Treated Oak Timber Hardwood Decking Boards has been the first choice as premium construction material for centuries because of its versatility, durability and beauty.
Therefore Oak is water resistant and requires low maintenance which makes it perfect material for exterior works. Our European Oak grows tall and straight because of its climate, so it is suitable for long lengths used in extensions, garden offices, solid fences, decking, garages, porches and bespoke buildings.

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Oak specifications

Decking boards finish with clear Manns oil
● Texture: Smooth
● Scratch resistance
● Low Maintenance
● Great workability – finishes very well, easy to work on
● Lifespan – up to 40 years (untreated)

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