Siberian Larch Timber Fencing Boards – A Grade – Smooth Finish – 21 mm


Siberian Larch Fencing boards are a perfect option if you want to build board on board fencing or are planning to clad a shed, pergola or even your house. Siberian Larch is a very popular timber choice for its appearance and durability. Timber boards have a beautiful smooth planed finish. Siberian Larch boards have a wonderful colouring and an attractive wood grain.



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Siberian Larch Timber Fencing Boards are an excellent alternative to more traditional garden fencing. Fence panels made of Siberian Larch make your garden look modern, stylish, contemporary and visually interesting. Therefore your fence will be rot-insect resistant, sturdy, durable which gives not only contemporary looks but provides privacy and security as well for many years.

Siberian larch timber fencing boards is very resinous and extremely hard wearing, making it one of the toughest and most durable softwoods in the world. Siberian Larch fencing boards makes excellent fence for both residential and commercial projects. This timber benefits from impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance and high manufacturing standards. It has a natural resistance to decay! Siberian larch fencing elements doesn’t need extra treatment and can be installed in its natural state

We provide wide range Siberian Larch Fencing boards and battens/slats in various sizes:

Siberian Larch Fencing Characteristics/Specifications
● Colour: Straw (creamy) yellow to light brown, weathering to a beautiful
silvery-grey without treatment
● Grain: Very straight, dense and fine with tight growth rings
● Texture: Smooth
● Scratch resistance
● Rot, insect and moisture resistance
● Low Maintenance
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  • Untreated Siberian Larch boards
  • Square edge finish
  • Smooth finish – PAR
  • Delivery 5-10 working days

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21 mm x 95 mm x 3000 mm – £14.14, 21 mm x 95 mm x 4000 mm – £18.85, 21 mm x 95 mm x 5100 mm – £24.03, 21 mm x 95 mm x 6000 mm – £28.27, 21 mm x 120 mm x 3000 mm – £17.86, 21 mm x 120 mm x 4000 mm – £23.81, 21 mm x 120 mm x 5100 mm – £30.36, 21 mm x 120 mm x 6000 mm – £35.72, 21 mm x 145 mm x 3000 mm – £21.58, 21 mm x 145 mm x 4000 mm – £28.77, 21 mm x 145 mm x 5100 mm – £36.68, 21 mm x 145 mm x 6000 mm – £43.15