Siberian Larch Charred Timber Board-on-Board cladding 20mm – Graphite


Siberian Larch Charred Timber is worth choosing for several reasons. First of all, it is the versatility and applicability of this building material for various projects – installation of the roof, cladding, functional interior decoration, installation of terraces, fences, etc. Durability is another feature that makes it worth choosing long-lasting, extremely strong, “friendly” to people and the environment, resistant to the effects of water and moisture. We draw your attention to the fact that burned wood is safe to use, especially when it comes to the risk of fire, because burned wood panelling is more difficult to catch fire, and to further increase the fire resistance class, fire impregnation can be used.



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Siberian Larch Charred Timber Board-on-Board cladding Graphite Finish produced from slow grown timber ideal for external applications.

Siberian Larch Charred timber cladding of choice for many architects, contractors and self-builders, due to the fact that it is extremely versatile – has excellent durability properties. Siberian larch charred timber cladding benefits are an impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance, high manufacturing standards, and an aesthetically beautiful timber.

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  • Price per 1 square meter – £75.60
  • Cladding Burnt industrial way
  • Burnt Brush Oiled – Ready for installation
  • Cladding sections can be fitted vertical
  • Ideal for external cladding applications

Characteristics and exclusiveness of burnt larch wood:
– Exceptional aesthetic appearance;
– Increased resistance to rot;
– Absence of pests and other insects;
– fire resistance;
Long service life and minimal maintenance.

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