Scandinavian Spruce Slatted Fence elements 20mm


Fence timber slats are commonly used in residential properties to enclose yards, gardens, or outdoor spaces. They offer a balance between privacy and openness, allowing homeowners to enjoy some seclusion while still maintaining a connection with the surrounding environment.

The slatted design also adds visual interest and can complement various architectural styles. The height of a slatted fence can vary depending on the intended purpose and local regulations. Some slatted fences are relatively low, serving as decorative boundaries or dividing sections within a larger space. Others can be taller to provide increased privacy and security.



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Scandinavian Spruce Slatted Fence elements, also known as a privacy fence or a picket fence, is a type of fence that consists of horizontal slats or boards that are evenly spaced apart. These slats are made of slow grow Scandinavian spruce wood, but they can also be made of other materials like Larch, Oak, Iroko, Sapele timber.

The slats of a slatted fence are usually narrow and can vary in width, depending on the desired level of privacy and aesthetic appeal. They are installed vertically, parallel to each other, and attached to horizontal support beams or rails. The gaps between the slats allow air and light to pass through while still providing some level of privacy.

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  • Untreated Fencing elements
  • Square edge finish
  • Smooth finish
  • Natural colour
  • Cut to size

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