Oak Timber Cladding / Fence Slats – B Grade – 20mm


Oak fencing elements refer to various components or parts that are used to construct a fence using oak wood. Oak is a popular choice for fencing due to its strength, durability, and attractive appearance. Oak fencing battens are narrow strips or boards made from oak wood that are commonly used in the construction of fences. They are typically attached horizontally to fence rails or posts to create a solid and visually appealing fence structure.

Oak fencing battens offer a timeless and classic look to fences, and their durability makes them suitable for various outdoor environments. They are commonly used in traditional or rustic fence designs but can also complement modern or contemporary styles depending on the overall aesthetic preferences.



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Oak Timber Cladding / Fence Slats are an excellent alternative to more traditional garden fencing. Fence panels made of Oak makes your garden look modern, stylish, contemporary and visually interesting. Therefore your fence will be rot-insect resistant, sturdy, durable which gives not only contemporary looks but provides privacy and security as well for many years.

Oak Timber Fence Slats – B Grade good value for money as they completely straight on face side – no issue with installation. Slats are not straight on on fixing side with is no effect quality of timber or installation time. Please see second photo.

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We provide wide range Oak Fencing boards and battens/slats in various sizes:
Thickness: 20mm
Length: 2m – 2.4m – 2.7m
Oak Fencing Characteristics/Specifications
● Texture: Smooth
● Scratch resistance
● Rot, insect and moisture resistance
● Low Maintenance
● Lifespan – 35 to 50 years with right treatment

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  • Square edge finish
  • Smooth finish – PAR
  • Natural colour

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20mm x 45mm x 2.0m – £5.58, 20mm x 45mm x 2.20m – £6.14, 20mm x 45mm x 2.40m – £6.70, 20mm x 45mm x 2.70m – £7.54, 20mm x 45mm x 2.90m – £8.09, 20mm x 60mm x 2.0m – £7.44, 20mm x 60mm x 2.20m – £8.19, 20mm x 60mm x 2.40m – £8.93, 20mm x 60mm x 2.70m – £10.05, 20mm x 70mm x 2.0m – £8.68, 20mm x 70mm x 2.20m – £9.55, 20mm x 70mm x 2.40m – £10.42, 20mm x 70mm x 2.70m – £11.72, 20mm x 70mm x 2.90m – £12.59