Oak Hardwood Cladding Shadow Gap – 22mm x 95mm Smooth finish


Oak shadow gap cladding is often used in both residential and commercial applications to provide a distinctive and modern look. It is commonly seen in contemporary homes, offices, retail spaces, and other modern architectural projects. The natural characteristics and warm tones of oak wood, combined with the shadow gap detail, can create a visually striking and unique façade.

Oak shadow gap cladding refers to a type of exterior cladding system made from oak wood that incorporates a shadow gap detail. Cladding is the process of applying an external layer to the walls of a building to provide protection, insulation, and aesthetic appeal.

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Oak Hardwood Cladding Shadow Gap has been as premium construction material for centuries because of its versatility, durability and beauty. Therefore Oak is water resistant and requires low maintenance which makes it perfect material for exterior works. Our European Oak grows tall and straight because of its climate, so it is suitable for long lengths used in extensions, garden offices, solid fences, decking, garages, porches and bespoke buildings.

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Oak specifications
● Colour: Attractive natural Grey
● Grain: Very straight, dense and made to be tough
● Texture: Smooth
● Scratch resistance
● Extremely rot and insect resistance
● Low Maintenance
● Great workability – finishes very well, easy to work on
● Lifespan – up to 40 years (untreated)
● Density in range from 750 kg/m3 to 850kg/m3
● Sustainable
● Good fire resistance qualities.

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  • Ideal for external cladding applications
  • Price per 1 square meter – £73.21 + VAT
  • Price excluding VAT ( VAT added on checkout )
  • Cladding sections can be fitted vertical

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22mm x 95mm x 2.0m – £13.91, 22mm x 95mm x 2.4m – £16.70, 22mm x 95mm x 2.7m – £18.78, 22mm x 95mm x 2.90m – £20.17