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Oak timber has been a premium construction material for centuries because of its versatility, durability and beauty. Oak timber is very strong and heavy making it perfect material for exterior and interior projects. Therefore Oak is water resistant and requires low maintenance. Usually Oak has an attractive light colour which can vary from tree to tree.

Areas of use:

Timberulove Oak sourced from the European continent which has a perfect climate for Oak trees to grow straight. For that reason Oak timber is suitable for long lengths used in Outdoor projects such as:

  • Extensions,
  • Garden offices,
  • Summer houses,
  • Contemporary outdoor fences,
  • Decking,
  • Garage,
  • Porches,
  • Indoor areas of use:
  • Furniture,
  • Flooring,
  • Doors and Windows finishes.

Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is famous for its longevity and high quality. Durability under any weather conditions makes the wood suitable for exterior structures. It is strong, dense and resinous. Unlike most of the other species, Siberian larch does not require additional processing, which makes construction and production easier. Moreover, it does not rot in water, but hardens, and therefore is often used for the construction of underwater structures.

Larch forests cover Western Siberia known for harsh climate, alpine environment and strong winds. The rings of 30 to 40 metre high Siberian larches are very dense, the wood is naturally impregnated with resin and does not require additional processing with chemicals.

Siberian Larch is the cladding of choice for many architects, contractors and self-builders, due to the fact that it is extremely versatile – has excellent durability properties. Siberian larch benefits are an impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance, high manufacturing standards, and an aesthetically beautiful timber.

Areas of use:

  • Façade constructions in the construction of private and public buildings – Siberian Larch Cladding – TGV – Shadow gap – Board on Board – HalfLap – ShipLap – Rainscreen – PAR Boards – Siberian Larch timber boards
  • Terrace, balconies. – Timber Decking Boards – Decking elements – Siberian Larch wood
  • Roof constructions – Shingles – Shakes – PAR Boards
  • Fences, children’s playgrounds. – Siberian Larch Timber – Fencing elements – Fencing Posts – Fencing Battens – Timber Boards – PAR Boards
  • Structures that are in contact with the ground. – Siberian larch beams – Siberian Larch Timber Joists
  • Flooring production. – Siberian Larch timber Boards
  • Boat and yacht production. Siberian Larch Decking Boards
Why Siberian Larch?
If you want your product to last, the choice of wood is very important.
Siberian larch is an excellent option for both interior and exterior projects
due to its durability, longevity, resistance, high quality, adaptability and ecology

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